Fuminori Kagajo March 2017 Top 20


Fuminori Kagajo & Nicole Mitchell / Free 2 B


Artist: Fuminori Kagajo & Nicole Mitchell
Title: Free 2 B
Release Date: March 3, 2017
Label: Double Cheese Records

Fuminori Kagajo & Nicole Mitchell “Free 2 B”

We are very proud for our latest addition to the label’s hall of fame, yet another producer from Japan, the much hyped Fuminori Kagajo. You won’t be surprised by the fame Fuminori currently holds as in his “Free 2 B”, alongside exquisite vocals by Nicole Mitchell, Fuminori delivers a killer soulful mix, guaranteed to yearn for more. Luyo steps on stage with a brilliant deep soul mix, with a stripped down vibe that ingeniously takes the vocals into a more intimate world. DMP aka Doctor Music Project whom Simone Barbaresi is half of, deliver a pure beat driven house mix perfect for the bigger rooms.

(p) & (c) Double Cheese Records 2017

2017.03.05(sun) Sunday Lounge


2017.03.05(sun) Sunday Lounge
Open : 19:00 – 24:00

Entrance fee : 1,000yen (with 1drink)

DJ : Fuminori Kagajo / Toshiya Watanabe

at. LacquerSoulD札幌市中央区大通西22丁目セザール第2円山公園B1F

2017.02.22(wed) ELEMENTS


2017.02.22(wed) ELEMENTS
Open : 22:00

Entrance fee : Ticket. 1,000yen / Member & Flyer.1,000yen / Door. 1,500yen

DJ : KO-G / Fuminori Kagajo

at. Precious Hall 札幌市中央区南2条西3丁目パレード 地下2階

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F’s Deep & Soulful New Year Session 2017

DJ Mixシリーズをまとめてアップロードしたのでお時間のある時に聴いてみてください!

F’s Deep & Soulful New Year Session 2017 -90min-

1. Gipsy Woman (Luyo Sara-La-Kali Remix) / Namy
2. When I Was Puerto Rican (Original Mix) / Saliva Commandos
3. Heaven Knows (Vega Yoshisawa Unreleased Mix)  / Louie Vega starring Anane Vega
4. First Hello (Luis  LooweeR Rivera Encore Mix) / Paris Cesvette & Room 806 feat. C. Robert Walker
5. Happy (Vox) / AMBROSIA
6. Can’t Take It No More (Soul Power Remix) / VeneiGrette & SDM feat.Gemini E Porter
7. Be Free (David Anthony – Soul Vibes Mix) / Lisa Millett & Bob Howard
8. We Belong To The Night (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Mix) / Suges
9. Hammond Cat (Original Mix) / The Scientists Of Sound feat. Mario Gatto
10. My Love Is Pure (Afro Deep Mix) / DJ Fudge & Hallex M  feat.Tasita D’Mour
11. Earth Song (Instrumental) / Loftsoul
12. Humans / Davide Fiorese & The Grimace feat. Natasha Watts
13. Can’t Stop This Feeling (Original Mix) / Fuminori Kagajo & Tracy Hamlin
14. Special (Only DV Can Break The Dub part 1) / Sara Devine
15. Say Something (Adam Rios Shelter Mix) / Shota
16. In Common (Dazzle Drums RMX) / Alicia Keys

F’s Deep & Soulful Session 2016 November

DJ Mixシリーズをまとめてアップロードしたのでお時間のある時に聴いてみてください!

F’s Deep & Soulful Session 2016 November -80min-

1. Forgotten Art (Music) / Glenn Underground
2. Steal My Joy (Reel People Vocal Mix) / Zo!
3. Secrets (Koyla’s Disco Version)  / Omar Khan
4. Last Dance (Juan Mejia Remix) / Montana & Stewart & Stephanie Cooke
5. No Place Like Home (Original Mix) / Fuminori Kagajo & Sheree Hicks
6. I’m Free (David Harness And Homero Espinosa Remix) / Antony Fennel feat. Andrea Love
7. Feeling Myself (Original Mix) / The Journey Men feat. Hanlei
8. The Rhythm (Uchikawa LoftSoul Dub) / Sulene Fleming
9. Suckapunch / Anthony Nicholson
10. The Blue Room / Quentin Kane & Simon Sheldon feat. TK Blue
11. Freedom Of Dance (It’s The Beat) (Louie Vega’s Ritual Mix) / Louie Vega & Brutha Basil
12. Odarod / Me And The Gang
13. Prepared (Terry Hunter Chicago Mix) / Jill Scott & Terry Hunter
14. One Day At A Time (OtherSoul Classic Mix) / Faith Howard