DJ Said主宰のサンフランシスコの新鋭レーベル、Fatsouls Recordsより『Jazz Spectrum EP』が12月30日にBeatportで先行発売されました。試聴もできます。今作はDigitalでの販売になるので順次Traxsource, Juno, Stompy, iTunes, Amazonなどでも発売されます。

今回 の作品は生音(特にミュージシャンのソロ)を中心にトラックを構成しました。

Track 1 – ‘Klondike’ is a beautiful track that takes the listener on a smooth and uplifting trip.  The horns in this piece are haunting with an intensity that is reminiscent of the good old classic Chicago style house.  If you like mature house, this one fits the bill.

Track 2 – ‘Jazzabo’ offers a very lively and expressive vibe.  It will trigger an involuntary muscle movement – yep! It is a peak-time dance floor play.  The keyboards and expressive saxophone come together in such a captivating way that evokes an overwhelming feeling of joy.

Track 3 – ‘Explorations’ is a jazzy instrumental excursion into the deep and complex realm of house music.  If you appreciate raw talent at play, you want to have this one in your collection.

Track 4 – ‘Exploration (Bonus Beat)’ explores the drums in a manner reminiscent of the natural rhythms in African music.  This track has a compelling beat that DJs will be keen to include in serious sessions – a perfect DJ tool.

All Tracks Produced & Arranged by Fuminori Kagajo

written by Fuminori Kagajo & Sumio Yokotsuji
Keys : Takuto Kudo Guitar : Sumio Yokotsuji Trumpet : Yasunori Sugo

written by Fuminori Kagajo, Takuto Kudo & Kengo Ono
Keys : Takuto Kudo Bass : Sei Takeuchi Tenor Sax : Kengo Ono

written by Fuminori Kagajo
Keys : Takuto Kudo